The Mind of A Devious Licker

Written by Anna Broderick and Alex Walters October 7th, 2021 Since the start of the new school-year, schools across the country have seen destruction and vandalism tied to a concerning new TikTok trend: Devious Licks. The trend encourages middle school, high school and

Photos by Maya Kolton

“There are different challenges. Next month is slap a teacher on the backside:” According to Principal Hall, Devious Licks are only the beginning

Written by the Highlander Editorial Board October 7, 2021 Last week, the Seaholm Highlander staff sat down with Principal Hall to talk about the destruction and vandalism in Seaholm’s bathrooms. During that interview, she said something curious: “We were just talking about it, some of the teachers in the teacher’s lounge, that there are different

Brightening a Dark Winter with Simple Pleasures

Co-Editor-in-Chief Haven Capone reflects on the importance quaint, simple pleasures have assumed in her day in a time where the greater ones are often out of touch. Click to read her serenading tribute to the little things in life.


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