The Search Is On

seaholmfootballWritten by Jack Apap

January 13th was the final deadline for applications for the new permanent head football coach and now the next step of finding Seaholm’s new signal caller begins.

Aaron Frank, the Seaholm Athletic Director, put out a notification through the coaching networks and received more than 20 applications.

The screening committee is the first part of the interview process. This committee includes: Deputy Superintendent Paul DeAngelis, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Jon Dean, as well as parents and administrators in the district. They look at the candidate’s backgrounds and help weed out the unqualified candidates.

“The screening committee is a very important part of the process which helps review the resumes and help draw the line to find the elite candidates,” said Frank.

On January 18th the interview process begins.

After the screening committee, the group of high qualified coaches will be interviewed in two different sections.

The “fit” section will be happening around January 24th-26th and this is an evaluation of the coaches’ level of experience, integrity and basically how well they fit with the Seaholm community.

“I will be running the “fit” section and this is very important to me that we find someone with characteristics as what we are looking for,” said Frank.

The other section is the strictly football knowledge. The prospective coaches show how well they understand their offense and defense.

“I have don’t have a preconceived notion on a set offense or defense, but this process is to see their expertise in the system they are running,” said Frank.

Once round two is over, typically two or three coaches will be selected for the final round. After they are chosen, the committee will be doing additional background checks such as contacting former coaches and players that they have worked with.

Around the end of January, the final interview process with Frank and Principal Dee Lancaster will begin.

After weeks of hard research and consulting with the Seaholm community, they will have a decision by beginning of February.

As of right now interim head coach Jim Pobursky is running the winter workouts for the Maples, along with coach Richard Marback, the strength and conditioning coach. Many of the players seem to be satisfied with the way the program is at the moment and feel there’s no need for change.

“I think Coach Po did a fantastic job stepping in during a tragic time. He followed the plan that Coach Deane had in mind,” said sophomore quarterback Brandon Altman.

Originally, Pobursky was pulled out of retirement and hired as the defensive coordinator a few months after Coach Deane was named head coach.

Sadly, after the unexpected death of Deane, Frank had to quickly find a replacement.

“It was now 10 days after the funeral and we had to figure something out, so we decided that the best decision would be to keep it in the program,” said Frank.

Basically starting on June 15th, he prepared his new team for the upcoming season. Through all the horrible circumstances the Maples had one of their best finishes in years. The team finished 6-4 after a loss in the first round of the MSHAA playoffs to Farmington Hills Harrison, the 2010 State Champions.

“Coach Po (Pobursky) is definitely qualified for the job after his 42 years of coaching high school football in Metro Detroit and also starting at safety all four years at Olivet College,” said sophomore safety Andrew Barton.

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