Glow Dance: Would’ve Been Fun if More Showed Up

Written by Carolynn Gragg

Seaholm’s new dance featuring a new location, newly enforced dress code and a policing of dance floor conduct, could have been a lot of fun – if only more people had shown up.

That’s what students are saying after the January 20th Glow dance.

“It’s too bad that the dance became ‘uncool’,” senior Timmy Christensen said. “It would have been fun if everyone had gone.”

Senior Nicole Galdi was also disappointed with the turnout.

“The turnout of Glow was not what people expected it to be,” she said. “It was basically a group of 50 or less people dancing around in a circle in the pool hallway.”

Galdi wished more people had shown up.

“It was cool, and if there had been more people I think it would have been more successful,” she said. “It just wasn’t as exciting as previous dances.”

Glow’s turnout was not much more than Sadie’s has been in the past.

“We had 175 kids [at Glow] who paid,” Principal Dee Lancaster said. “I think they said there were about 150 [students] at Sadie’s last year. I know that in the last couple years, with all the lighting controversy, Sadie’s has not been particularly well attended.”

Student Congress Co-President Kellie Howe said students could have had a good time at the dance if they had wanted to.

“People who went with their friends had a good time,” she said. “Plus, it got us more money than Sadie’s ever has.”

Junior Nikki Steltenkamp thought that the dance had its perks, but that the fun didn’t last long.

“It was entertaining because everyone who came, came after the game, but if they tried to do [the dance] as a separate event [from the game], it wouldn’t work,” she said. “It was fun for about an hour.”

Despite the groans due to the re-enforced, strict dress code at Glow, students followed the rules, according to Lancaster.

“What was interesting was, at the game, we probably had a little bit over 300 kids, all dressed in white t-shirts and jeans. And then more than half of them chose not to stay, with I think is fine. That’s your choice,” she said. “But, everybody who stayed, completely dressed appropriately, behaved, and had a good time. There were no issues at all.”

The venue was changed from the cafeteria to the atrium between the pool and the gym in the athletic hallway. The administration hoped that this adjustment would help to change the culture of Seaholm dances, but it seemed to cause a problem that was not originally predicted.

“The DJ was up above in the balcony, so it wasn’t like people could go up to the DJ and request a song or anything like that,” said Galdi. “So that part wasn’t so good.”

However, the overall style of the dance seemed to go over well.

“It was kind of like a rave/techno type dance,” Galdi said. “People were wearing jeans and white shirts and there were glow sticks everywhere.”

Glow’s low attendance may mean a higher priced prom ticket.

“It all depends on where you want to have Prom. Wherever it has been for the last couple years, charges a lot of money,” Lancaster said. “This is tentative, but right now it looks like tickets will be about $100 each.”

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