Ski Team Misses Out on Season

skiteamNobody is more upset about the mild winter than the Birmingham United Ski Team. Warm temperatures and a lack of snow have caused them to lose much of their season.

The above average temperatures and far below average snow made it impossible for them to hit the slopes. It was even too warm for their home mountain, Mt. Brighton, to produce a substantial amount of artificial snow.

“It’s been off and on this year, we haven’t always been able to produce enough snow (to be able to ski on),” Dianne Olmstead, Lodge Manager of Mt. Brighton, said.

In fact, the BU ski team lost about half of their season.

“Half of the season has been lost because of the lack of snow,” junior captain Isabel Osgood said. “It’s been warm so on top of it not snowing,the mountain also can’t blow snow. We haven’t been able to get in as much skiing as we want.”

The BU ski team started their season off well with a strong performance at their first race.

“We took second (place) at our first tournament,” junior captain Wes Vaughn said.

But after that, it was downhill for the skiers. Poor conditions kept them from practicing enough. Unfortunately, not having practice has its consequences. The team had little time to improve before their races.

“The biggest problem is that we lost two weeks that are vital to training,” Head Coach Rick Tinku said. “There’s no preparation that can be done for the skiers without snow to practice on.”

Recently, the BU ski team got back on the slopes and attempted to capitalize on the remainder of their season. On February 2, during their latest regular season meet, both the boy’s and the girl’s teamsfinished in seventh place. Top scorers for the race were Wes Vaughn with 52 points and Groves sophomore Lily Doolin with 35 points.

On January 31, BU competed in a ten team race at Mt. Brighton; the boy’s side finished in fourth place and the Girl’s team finished seventh. Groves sophomore Andre Sagante had the top combined score for BU with 39.26 points. And Lily Doolin had the highest score from the girl’s side with 42.75 points.

The BU team members are looking to make the most of their last remaining competitions. They will compete at leagues and regionals and are hoping to go even further into the post season.

“Depending on how we do there (regionals), we might go to states,” Vaughn said. “Hopefully we’ll do pretty well; I think we’re going to do well.”

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