Commercials vs. Game?

Written by Harrison Watt

When you talked to your friends last Monday, did you mention Tom Brady’s near miracle Hail Mary, or about how bad the commercials were?

To be perfectly honest, the good commercials were few and far between this year. Apart from a few laughs and the annual sexual innuendo from GoDaddy, there were few that were even funny.

The average cost of a commercial aired during Super Bowl XLVI was $3.5 Million. The NFL’s average salary was $1.9 million in 2012. Apparently extraordinary people are worth less than advertisements.

The Super Bowl used to be about the vicious fight to the finish between the two best football teams in the world. It used to be about a 60 minute all-out brawl in a desperate attempt to become part of football lore.

Now people are more compelled to watch a dog named Quiggly moonwalk across the finish line wearing Sketchers than they are to see Eli Manning grow to elite status in one of the greatest shows of athleticism on earth. Really? How does Sketchers even have $3.5 million?

A simple scan of Twitter and Facebook during play stoppages saw people freely admit that they were only watching to see a certain high school graduate lose his mind when he thought he received a Camaro as a graduation present, only to see his neighbor drive off while he is left with a mini-fridge.

The Giants pulled off another Super Bowl upset over the Patriots with another Eli Manning orchestrated fourth quarter drive, capped by Ahmad Bradshaw’s accidental backwards tumble into the end zone to take the 21-17 lead with 57 seconds remaining in regulation.

Did you see that? Or were you still raving about Clint Eastwood’s two minute pep talk to America?

Did you know Eli Manning started the game with nine straight completions, a Super Bowl record, or see Tom Brady complete 14 straight passes to break another Super Bowl record?

The Super Bowl spectacle has become more about what’s on TV in between plays rather than the epic struggle between the titans of the NFL. People are beginning to undervalue the worth of the Vincent Lombardi Trophy simply based on the sweaty finger prints and lip marks that are all over by the time the owner gets to hold it.

This year’s Super Bowl attracted 111.3 Million US viewers during the game and 114.3 million during the halftime show or roughly one out of three Americans. Naturally the millions of people watching it makes the Super Bowl an attractive time slot to advertise your product, and since people want to watch the Super Bowl, companies make interesting commercials to fill the void between the quarters and during time outs.

Super Bowl XLVI itself will rank better than the prequel (Super Bowl XLII) which puts it in the top ten greatest of all time according to Sports Illustrated.

Sadly, more of the Tweets throughout the course of the game were about the Red M&M stripping and wiggling to LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I know it,” rather than Mario Manningham’s tiptoe catch to start the comeback drive.

While the Super Bowl is as popular as it is, too many people have lost their way when it comes to the first Sunday in February, it’s time to get back to celebrating the game, and not how funny the Dorito’s producers are.

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