It’s Not Just for the Grade

Written by Meghan Dooley

Seaholm is notoriously known for being fiercely competitive when it comes to sports, appearance, and most importantly-grades.

Not a day goes by without the inevitable question being asked, “What’d you get on that test?” or “What do you have in that class?” It’s simply something Seaholm is known for.

However, how many students do you hear saying-“ I worked SO hard for that A?” Students would much rather have the “A” work handed to them as opposed to working to accomplish something worthwhile.

While I have been guilty of this myself, I know for fact that this will not be of any help later in life.

With the new 21st century learning education in action, students are required to be self driven.

This is where it has been made evident how lazy students actually are. The new project based learning is prominent more than ever in the 21st century classroom, and this may just be a senior mentality, but nobody is willing to put forth the effort.

In an AP class that is currently using project-based learning, students explained they would much rather be lectured to and take notes during class rather than being innovative.

But, is this just a cop out? A subtle way of students saying they would much rather stare out the window or play Temple Run, than really grasp the information and surround themselves in a world of knowledge and learning?

I think it is. I mean, from a student’s perspective, that’s what it sounds like.

And simply from what I hear my peers talking about in the hallway, especially seniors, they aren’t willing to put forth any effort, seeing we only have 98 days left.

The way I see it, as the years have gone on, students here are much less concerned with learning, and more concern with completing the work and making the grade.

But whose fault is it for students having this mentality? Parents? Their peers? The pressure of the school?

It’s a combination of all three but I’m leaning toward the third option.

We’re pressured to maintain a perfect GPA. Counselors are constantly grilling us to take the hardest classes possible and still come out on top.

This, along with being involved with school activities, life events, and difficult classes- coming out the best of the best can be nearly impossible for some students.

So when students are faced with challenging assignments or classes, they try to scrape by with the bare minimum.

And now with the integration of 21st century learning, we’re actually being forced to put our minds to work, which ultimately gets in the way of easily getting through the class without doing anything.

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