Don’t Let Spring Fever Ruin Your GPA

Spring fever has hit the halls of Seaholm High School extra early this year. With spring flowers in full bloom, and a warm summer breeze blowing through Birmingham, students are breaking out the sunglasses and shorts. It seems the last thing that’s on anyone’s mind is their schoolwork.

But with more than half a trimester left, checking out of school can’t be an option. Neglecting your grades now means coming back in the fall having to compensate for your spring GPA, which is not the easiest thing to do.

The temptation is there. It’s so easy to forego doing homework in a stuffy bedroom and to take a walk outside instead. But we have to take something into consideration: just one trimester of poor grades can damper even the best GPA.

While right now future repercussions are at the back of student’s minds, colleges will lookat your transcript and question the drop in your grades. They will equate it to you just not caring about your schoolwork — a characteristic they do not look for in prospective students.

In a worst case scenario, there still is the looming possibility of summer school. Even for seniors, a severe drop in third trimester grades can lead to a possible revocation of your admission to the university of your choice.

Teachers are also getting the spring jitters. And if their students are slacking, it just adds more unneeded pressure onto them.

While right now, biking seems ten times better than biology, you’ll thank yourself next year. Buckle down, take care of business, and finish the school year strong. Then, when finals are over, you can do nothing as much as you want, all summer long.

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