BWLAX Tournament 5/4/12

Written by John Glazier

The Cinco de Mayo holiday weekend was less than ideal for the Birmingham Unified women’s lacrosse team. The Lady Bulldogs dropped three games over the weekend in a tournament in Grand Rapids in an East VS West state showdown.

The three east side teams consisted of Birmingham, Academy of the Sacred Heart, and Cranbrook Kingswood. The west side consisted of Grand Rapids Catholic Central, East Grand Rapids, and Caledonia.

Birmingham played all three teams from the west side of the state. The Lady Bulldog’s dropped the first game to Grand Rapids Catholic Central 12-4, dropped the second against East Grand Rapids 10-5, and then eventually went on to drop the third 8-5 to Caledonia.

With senior Annie Sevec sidelined with a concussion, all she could do was watch as her teammates did all they could.

“The competition was tough, no doubt about it,” Sevec said. “But our team knew that going in. We need to get pumped up for big games like that, and it seemed like we didn’t really get that fire until the end of the last game.”

Seaholm senior Sarah Feiten, who will take her talents to play at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, next year thought that everything that could go wrong, did.

“Nothing seemed to click,” Feiten said. “We made mistakes all over the field and our energy just wasn’t there.”

Seaholm senior Christy Wells believes that the team took something away from the weekend.

“Honestly, we didn’t play up to our full potential,” Wells said. “But we learned a lot, and we’re ready for the upcoming week to get back on track.”

Sophomore Allie Wright echoes Wells on playing to their full potential.

“We all have great individual potential,” Wright said. “All we need to do is figure out how to play more together as a team, once that happens, wins will come.”

Seaholm senior Carrie Quigley believes that the losses will benefit her team for future games this season.

“They were very good teams and they challenged us immensely,” Quigley said. “Losing was tough but it gave us the determination to never feel like that again and to realize every single game is one to fight for and ours to take.”

Feiten is on the same page as Quigley, thinking that the games brought out something in the team.

“It was a good wake up call for the team,” Feiten said. “It showed us that we really have to come ready to win especially with playoffs coming up.”

On a side note, the east side didn’t win a single came in the tournament all weekend.

The Lady Bulldog’s next contests are this week with showdowns against Academy of the Sacred Heart on Thursday, May 10, at 7 P.M., and then against Troy on Friday, May 11, at 7 P.M.

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