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The Forgotten Targets

By: Kathleen Davis, Kelsey McClear & Taylor Wyllie Editor’s note: This is the first part in a two part series on bullying. The  second part  focusing on students, will be featured in the Highlander’s next issue. *Names have been changed The color drained from his face. Sitting in the cafeteria, the night of conferences, teacher Bob Smith* didn’t know what

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Meet Dr. Nerad

  Building relationships with students, staff and the community.    That’s what Dr. Daniel Nerad, the new superintendent of Birmingham Public Schools, is already looking forward to.    “I’m excited by the students that I’ve met and the staff that I’ve met and their willingness to engage with me, to welcome me, but more than that I get the sense

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Soccer Sandlot

  This summer was a big one for soccer fans with the European 2012 Championship captivating audiences from around the world.  Two Seaholm soccer fans took their game to the next level.    Seniors Max Gomez and Kieran O’Keefe decided that watching the games wasn’t enough for them.  They established Seaholm’s first and only pick up soccer league, known as

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Second Time’s the Charm

  Recovering from a rocky first year, Seaholm’s Kick-off-Mentor program is establishing itself as an integral part of the school community. Intended to form relationships between Freshman and Upperclassmen to make the High School transition easier, the program is headed by counselor Rebecca Rossen and six Senior board members.    Several changes were made for the new school year. Matches

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Trouble Abroad

Welcome to America.    With an outstretched hand and a smile on her face, senior Katarina Merlini greets a tall boy from Austria. Then a wide-eyed student from Italy, a boy from Panama, a boy from Bangladesh: all foreign exchange students from all across the world gathering in the USA for the first time.    “The arrival orientation was fun

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Dancing Grace-fully

   Watching every movement of every muscle, every bend and every flex-there are no words, just feeling — feeling the rhythm and trying to comprehend the meaning.     These are the thoughts that ran through senior Grace Kowalski’s head as she took classes from French ballet instructor Jacques Marsa, who does not speak a word of English.     “I had

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