Second Time’s the Charm

A mentor poses in the KOM program’s 2012 shirt. The program advocates nurturing relationships between upperclassmen and freshmen. PHOTO / CAROLINE SQUATRITO

  Recovering from a rocky first year, Seaholm’s Kick-off-Mentor program is establishing itself as an integral part of the school community. Intended to form relationships between Freshman and Upperclassmen to make the High School transition easier, the program is headed by counselor Rebecca Rossen and six Senior board members.

   Several changes were made for the new school year. Matches were made based off a survey which collected interests of incoming freshman to more accurately match them up with an upperclassman. Mentors are more encouraged to actively become a positive force in their mentees lives with out of school bonding opportunities, such as a pre-game tailgate last Friday night.

   “The mentors are saying that they are always checking in on their freshmen and seeing how their week is going,” Alex Lee, Communications Leader said. “I don’t remember hearing much of that last year at all.”

   The revamped program has been very well received by students, parents, and administrators alike.

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