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Fekaris Moves to Counseling Department

   Kristy Fekaris, the former Business Department Chair, is a new member of the Seaholm counseling staff for the 2013-2013 school year. Fekaris will take on students with last names starting with Df-J.    The counseling staff now contains five counselors. Each counselor will now be assignedone fifth of students, rather than one fourth, likein previous years.    Although new

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FLEXing into a New Year

   A new school year often brings changes-changes in classes, teachers, and sometimes   friends. This year, the Flex program will be undergoing changes that will alter the structure of Flex in a new way for the first time in its 48 years.    “For the first time we will have two teams,” Flex teacher Robin Moten said. “We will have

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Seaholm Admin Updates Attendance Policy

   The Seaholm High School administration is cracking down on the attendance policy.    Consequences will now be enacted for tardies, unexcused absences, and the failure of a student to sign out before leaving school.    “The idea is to tighten up the lax attitudes of some students towards being in classes on time” Assistant Principal Deb Boyer said.   

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Summer Internship Changes Senior’s Life

There’s something very absurd about the concept of almost being done with high school. My fellow seniors already know all about that. This entire summer, I couldn’t have a conversation with any adult without the inevitable two questions: “Where are you going to college” and “What are you majoring in”. Eek.   Thankfully, I’ve figured out my answer to the

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Old Fashioned Paranoia: Dress Code Reaction Unfitting

   “No bare midriffs permitted.”  “Tops must cover the shoulder area.”  “Shoes must be worn at all times.”  “Jeans, pants, skirts or shorts must provide adequate coverage.”    These rules (directly from the Seaholm student handbook) don’t sound unreasonable.  Yet many students still think it is unfair for the school to enforce such a dress code.We must ask, then, why

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