Field Day: Class Spirit at its Finest

Field Day.

One look across the gym at the bleachers on the other side and it was clear the whole school wasn’t there.

Committees of dedicated students worked for months to prepare everything for that one day. From march to costumes, and everything in between, these students spent hours working toward Field Day. Yet many students still refused to show up.

It was hard to tell though, because the excitement of the crowd that did choose to participate almost made up for the absence of others. Because, maybe just for that one short day, everyone in the Seaholm gym was filled with Maple pride.

This is why all students should be required to attend field day each year.

Field Day should not be treated as a day off or the beginning of a long weekend.

While it may not be an educational day, it does more for the community of this building than all of the other administration-sanctioned assemblies in the world.

There isn’t a single day of the year when the

Seaholm community feels closer or more like a family. Students cheer “seniors, sophomores!” or “juniors, freshmen!”

Whether they are sweeping the other grades in field events or embarrassing themselves in the floor show, these teams of under and upperclassmen are winning or losing together. And it’s not just a day for fun and games, either.

At the end of the day, it’s also for a good cause. This year alone, the four grades combined collected nearly 11,000 pounds of food for Gleaner’s food bank.

This is part of the attraction that keeps community members and parents coming back to the event each year. Even Seaholm alumni come to relive their own Field Days. It is a memorable experience for everyone.

And then, by 11 o’clock, it’s over. Students are free to do whatever they want with the rest of the day and, really, they still get a long weekend.

For those four hours though, students should be required to be in the gym, supporting their grade and participating in Field Day.

Because is it really worth an extra few hours of sleep to miss out on the rush of school spirit that is so unique to this day?

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