Volleyball Upsets State’s Number 1, Advances to Quarterfinals

On Wednesday November 7, at Rochester High School, the Seaholm girls’ volleyball team defeated Clarkston 3-0 in a shocking upset.  Clarkston had been ranked No. 1 in the state going into the match while the Maples were not even in the top 50.

Seaholm kept a comfortable lead for the entire match, only allowing the Wolves to score 18, 16, and 17 points in the three games.

Key players were seniors Erin Neuenfeldt, and Kathy Quigley, and Lisa White.  Neuenfeldt had 17 kills and White and Quigley both were dominant close to the net.

The Seaholm student section may have also played a role in the match.  Between games, the “Maple Forest” kept the energy high with dancing and cheers.

The team will play Macomb Dakota in the state quarterfinals on Tuesday 7 pm at Oxford High School.

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