Rinschler and Fenberg Re-elected to BPS Board

The Birmingham community has voted to re-elect both Geri Rinschler and Michael Fenberg to the BPS School Board positions.

Rinschler has been a member of the school board for the past 16 years and Fenberg for the past eight and a half. 

“The most enjoyable aspect of my volunteer work has always been to witness the success of our students as they march onto the stage on graduation day,” Rinschler said. 

Rinschler and Fenberg were running against 21-year-old, University of Michigan student Mary Blake and Birmingham resident John Connelly. Both Connelly and Blake expressed that they were not interested in running anymore, however their names were still on the ballot.

BPS School board members serve a four-year term and elections always take place on even years.

Both Rinschler and Fenberg stressed their concern for the future of public education funding and aid.

“The first priority [in the coming years] involves working with the state to provide stable and predictable funding for our schools,” Fenberg said. “Over the last eight years, we have dealt with a midyear cuts and uncertain funding.  We must continue to work with legislators to find solutions that meet the need of all of our students.”

Rinschler echoed Fenberg’s ideas about funding.

“I am deeply concerned about the forthcoming changes which are in the developing stages to the state school aid fund and most importantly how the proposed changes will impact our students,” Rinschler said.

The next thing the board has to look forward to is preparing to work on the Strategic Planning for the spring of 2013.

“I will work purposefully and imaginatively as a member of the committee to update our mission statement and develop goals designed to assure academic excellence, efficient management of resources and professional development that supports our excellent staff,” Fenberg said.

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