Going Green

Junior Hannah King has a mission to go green by reusing materials and recycling paper, plastic, and metals.

She is one of the many Seaholm students working towards environmental progress, or “going green”.

“Going green is thinking sustainable,” local business owner Amanda Godward said.

Godward’s business helps homeowners and business owners’ lower energy consumption. She started getting involved in helping the environment during her engineering class.

“Understand what the answers are telling you, not just how to crunch out some math problems and get an answer,” Godward said.

There are many ways to go green and most of them are pretty simple.

“At home I always recycle paper, cardboard, and plastic,” Seaholm Green Club Co-President Lacey Mendelson said.

Other easy ways to protect the planet are by saving energy. Saving water by taking shorter showers is a helpful contribution. If everyone in the country saved just one gallon from their daily shower, over the course of the year it would equal twice the amount of freshwater withdrawn from the Great Lakes every day.

Seaholm’s Green Club is another good way to get involved. Right now they are working on many different projects.

“I am attempting to raise money through a bake sale for the Aspinall Foundation,” Mendelson said. “They are trying to expand protected habitat for gorillas and other species in Africa.”

“We are looking into getting a composter for all the food that they don’t use in the cafeteria. We are looking into getting paper cups instead of Styrofoam for the lunchroom,” Seaholm Green Club Co-President Hannah King said. “And we are all looking into getting recycled paper in the copy room so that all the paper we use in school is recycled.”

Green Club have already started making improvements by getting plastic trays instead of Styrofoam trays from Sodexo, the recycling center by the main office to dispose of things like batteries,and the bottle receptacles instead of throwing them out.

Not everyone is as involved as helping the environment as them.

“We hope that they would be consciousness enough to recycle their bottles in the receptacles and recycle their paper in the classrooms,” King said. “We know that it’s easier to throw it away in an easy to use trash can, because its more convenient.  We hope that they are being more environmentally friendly like putting the small amount of recycling it instead of throwing it away.”

Since not everyone is helping out, some have considered the idea of going green as more of a fad.

“People don’t because we don’t like change,” Godward said. “Most people know they should do more but if it’s not easy for them they won’t.”

Others are more hopeful, believing that people want to make a difference.

“I think the Green movement is here to stay and will keep growing. Most people want to do what they can to protect the environment.” Mendelson said.

“I think to get where the world is going, we’re all going to have to be more environmentally conscious,” King said. “I just wanted to take the first step and be one of the initiators of the whole going green initiative.”

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