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It’s Your YOUniversity

High school students spend their entire junior year, and a good part of senior year, studying and testing and applying and stressing, aiming to get into elite universities around the country.  They are taught that good grades and high scores on standardized tests equal admission to a better college equals a better job later in life. But what if this

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Attendence Fears: Overreaction

In the end, it was much ado about nothing. Despite rumors and a survey indicating students would not show up to classes January 3 and 4, the large scale absences didn’t happen. According to Principal Deanna Lancaster the attendance was about 88 percent. There was not that noticeable of a difference as attendance is usually in the low to mid

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Admins Oppose NRA Gun Plan

Should the all schools be required to have armed officers in the building? Despite a new call from the National Rifle Association proposing just that, BPS administrators are rejecting the idea of introducing more weapons into schools. “I find it extremely dangerous for a person to possess a weapon in a school,” Deputy Superintendent Paul DeAngelis said. “We continue to

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Flu-Infected Students Plague Seaholm

A record number of absences for the 2012-2013 school year hit Seaholm last week, with 175 students out on Wednesday, January 9 According to a January 9 letter from Principal Dee Lancaster, the absent students reported symptoms of cough, chills, congestion, nausea, and fever. “It’s the flu,” attendance manager Sue Pomroy said. “The flu has hit Seaholm.” Pomroy has also

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Swimming Towards States; Student Succeeds Despite Disability

Standing in the living room of his family home, senior Evan Davis flexed his left bicep, then his right. “It’s okay?” Davis said, looking to his parents. His father, Eric Head, smiled slightly. “It’s fine man,” he said. “You have practice tonight, go upstairs and relax.” Davis, having recently changed into his 2011-2012 Seahom Swimming and Diving t-shirt, did what

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