Seaholm Suffers First Loss Against Groves

Junior Karl Marback shoots against Groves.  PHOTO / MADELINE TEW
Junior Karl Marback shoots against Groves. PHOTO / MADELINE TEW

The Seaholm Maples Boys’ Basketball team lost their first game of the season on January 8, 2013 against a 1-5 Groves Falcons team in a 56-55 upset. The game was decided in the last two minutes when the lead continuously switched between teams.

The game started out slow for the Maples, falling behind 12-4 early in the first quarter. The Falcons kept that steady lead deep into the game, finishing the third quarter 41-36.

Seaholm finally started to catch fire after a crowd-pleasing wide-open Paris Bass dunk with a minute and 23 seconds left with Seaholm closing in on the leading Falcons 38-30.

“When he dunks, he (Bass) sends out a river of joy.” Junior guard Matt Almeranti said.

Early in the fourth and final quarter, senior guard Paris Bass took control while down 44-33. The Maples finally caught up and took over leading 46-44 with four minutes and 40 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

With two and a half minutes left in the game, the score was tied at 49. Within the final minutes the lead swapped between teams until there was 24 seconds left in the game when the Falcons recovered the ball after a turnover, which left the Maples with no choice but to force a game-winning free throw with 1.9 seconds left in the game.

The leading scorers for the Maples were senior guard Paris Bass with 33 points, and senior guard Brett Houghton with eight points.

The Maples came into the game with an undefeated record and high hopes of beating the 1-5 Groves Falcons.

“We expected to win, nothing less,” Coach Jose Andrades said. “we obviously did not play very well.”

“We can improve on a lot of things. I thought our offense would be our strength, but we just need more chemistry.” Andrades said about the team’s possible improvements.

With the loss to Groves and a recent win over Avondale, the Maples are left with a strong 7-1 record. Seaholm is headed for a big season if they continue the streak of consistent wins with a loss here and there.

The Maples are a very good team with a lot of talent, and although they lost to the cross-town rival Groves, they should be able to move past it and keep up the success on the court.

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