SOS Talent Show Nears

This year’s fifth anniversary of the SOS Talent Show is coming up. With returning acts and a simultaneous art show, the event has a lot to offer.

Seaholm Offers Support group, SOS, is a student run organization that is there to help raise funds for anyone in need in the Seaholm Community.

“We are hoping to raise up to five or six thousand dollars,” SOS Talent Show Coordinator Soozan Mendel said. “With about 400 to 500 audience members the show has always helped out the community.”

Seaholm students have revealed themselves to have plenty of hidden skills in store for the talent show.

Junior Ben McDermott, who has played varsity tennis all his three years at Seaholm, won first place in the talent show last year for singing.

“I did the Derby talent show all three years and church choir as a kid,” McDermott said. “I’ve never taken lessons I just practice in the car, shower, or at home.”

This year’s talent show will also be featuring some fresh faces.

Junior Niko Bokos will be performing “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson for his first Seaholm talent show. With Bokos on either a guitar or ukulele, sophomore Kara McInerny will be singing.

“We’re practicing and trying to memorize everything,” Bokos said, “that’s the hardest part I think.”

“I did the talent show last year,” McInerny said. “It was scary because I get really, really nervous. It’s like nerves, then I’m fine, then right when I finish I want to run off stage. But it’s so fun.”

Bokos agreed.

“I do get really nervous before I perform, but once I’m on stage it’s just fun,” Bokos said.

The talent show hands out first, second, and third place prizes. The winners are decided by audience ballots.

“First prize is usually about fifty dollars,” Mendel said, “and second and third are always something cool.”

Juniors Charlie Burg and Casey Board have only recently been recognized as two notable performers in the Seaholm community. They’re ready to bring their folk style and musical talents onto the SOS Talent Show stage.

“Casey and I are in our own kind of band,” Burg said. “We try to perform as much as we can and get gigs at different places.”

Burg and Board practice by having playful jam sessions on the weekends.

“We’re starting to write our own stuff,” Burg said, “a lot of folky, real foot-stomping type music.”

Burg also has a good luck charm that he performs with.

“I have a pick with my name printed on it,” Burg said, “and it’s got the Mumford and Sons symbol on there and I’m a really big fan so I need to use that pick every time I play.”

Some students are trying new things they’ve never done before.

Senior Eric Smith has performed in the talent show all his years at Seaholm, but never with a rock band. He is performing with fellow seniors Jack Parsons and Jon Genautis.

“I’m doing piano and singing, Jack is on bass and Jon is on drums,” Smith said. “I’ve never done anything like this so I’m really excited.”

Smith composes his own music.

“I’m playing a song I wrote this past summer,” Smith said. “I arranged parts for Jack and Jon.”

Unlike Burg, Smith hasn’t had much luck with good luck charms.

Smith said, “My lucky underwear failed me one time, but I do like to look nice on stage. I also listen to rock music usually before and get really focused.”

Junior Leah Lavigne is also coming back this year with a new idea. She is planning on performing with junior drummer Julia Wilkins and sophomore Lily Tamler who plays cello.

“I’m trying to get other musicians up there,” Lavigne said. “It would be cool to work with other people since normally I’m a solo act.”

Not only will students be performing, but staff members are welcome as well.

Seaholm’s Counseling Department has taken interest in the Talent Show every year since it first began.

“Ever since it was announced we in counseling decided we had to do it,” Seaholm Counselor Walter Romano said, “we just go up there act stupid and do something on the stage.”

Mr. Romano, along with Counselor Ms. Rossen, will be performing a musical piece.

“Ms. Rossen will sing I’ll play the guitar,” Mr. Romano said, “probably some country song. I just make it up as I go, she’s the talent.”

The Talent Show will be held February 13th and auditions were held earlier this week. Results were not available before this issue went to press.

The Seaholm community is preparing to make it a great event.

“I love that the talent show is a safe thing,” Smith said, “because people will cheer crazy whether the act is great or not so great so it’s cool that it’s so accepting.”

“If you don’t want to perform you’ve got to come see the show,” Mr. Romano said. “It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about people just by seeing them on stage with talents I never knew they had.”

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