Gosling May Shoot Movie in Michigan

Written by Victoria Khederian

An opportunity has arrived for local actors and actresses interested in acting in a major motion picture, the movie “How to Catch a Monster” is written and directed by Hollywood superstar Ryan Gosling. The film, a horror movie, is planned to be shot in Metro Detroit this spring.

The film’s website, in which they list the character descriptions and an opportunity to upload videos to submit for roles in the movie, indicates that they have three roles available: The characters of Bones, Frankie, and Face.

Currently there is no deadline for submission, although filming does begin in May of this year.

According to the website “How to Catch a Monster”, “Weaves elements of fantasy noir, horror and suspense into a modern day fairytale. Set against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city.”

The movie already has major Hollywood names attached to it. Actors like Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Eva Mendes (Ghost Rider), and Rob Zabreky, all are reportedly signed on to be in the cast.

The start date for shooting is May of this year. The film has applied to get film tax credits from the Michigan film office.
The film applied for these credits on January 30th, of this year according to a Mlive report from Michigan Film office.
If a film invests moneyinto community, the state of-fers incentives to film. On the Michigan Film Production website, they detail some filming incentives to film in Michigan:

“Investment of $250,000 or more in Michigan film or digital media production infrastructure (such as studios, equipment, or other facilities) eligible for 25% tax credit….”

The film can also offer new job opportunities to local people, on the Michigan Film website, they detail incentives for hiring Michigan residents:

“50% refundable MBT tax credit for expenditures incurred by an eligible production company to provide on-the-job training for Michigan residents in advanced below the – line crew position on qualified productions.”

This is not Gosling’s first time in Detroit metro area, he has been spotted in Detroit last summer, looking for possible shooting locations for the film.

The film has the possibility to bring interest into the area, as well as new economic opportunity, for local business and offer a spot light on Detroit and the surrounding area.

This is also not the first time Detroit has played a significant role in a big Hollywood production. In 2011, the city played a major role in the film Ides of March, which drew lot of attention for its director George Clooney.

For some students, the casting offers an opportunity for aspiring actors and actresses to be a part of a movie that has major names attached to it.

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