Self-Defense Expert Comes to Seaholm Class

Within Seaholm’s borders, a well-built man hurls his fist at a student to teach him some self-defense moves.

On Tuesday, January 29th, Personal Fitness Teacher Jeff Devantier invited Professional Self-Defense Trainer Lee Shaykhet to give the class a few tips.

“I saw his brochure posted down in the alternative section of the building,” Devantier said, “and I had been looking for somebody for self defense because it’s simple and doesn’t take too much time.”

Shaykhet taught the class some simple ways to fend off an attacker, whether someone attacks from the front or behind.

“He taught us how to defend ourselves from attackers of any size and attackers with weapons,” senior Aubrey Wilberding said. “I feel like even if some 500 pound guy came and attacked me that I’d actually be able to defend myself.”

Graduating from a Moscow university during the Soviet Union, Shaykhet has had experience with a program that was in conjunction with the military. There, he did training for the Special Forces.

“Originally I used to do training for the Special Forces back in the Soviet Union,” Shaykhet said, “and then I came to the United States in 1979 and did a lot of training for law enforcement such as the Police Department.”

With all this skill, Devantier “thought it would be a good thing to maybe know some simple things with which they can defend themselves should the occasion arise.”

“It was really good advice and pretty simple to do,” senior Max Gomez said. “I feel that it did help me get prepared for any situation like that.”

“The aerobics class is mainly females,” Devantier said. “So since we cover a lot of fields in aerobics, I wanted the girls and boys to learn that you don’t have to be a big, strong person in order to defend yourself.”

Senior Elizabeth Hocking found the class helpful.

“I really liked it and it made me feel more comfortable to be able to protect myself,” Hocking said. “It was interesting because it’s stuff that everyone can do.”

Shaykhet has a civilian version of the training for the general public. He wants people to learn that it is very basic and not complicated to do.

“When you understand what you’re doing,” Shaykhet said, “the difference can literally be life or death.”

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