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Extended Winter a Damper on ‘Senioritis’

Spring officially started on March 20th, but consistent snow flurries and sub freezing temperatures still remain.  How do these temperatures differ from other years and what effect does the colder weather have on the students? Sue Pomroy, who runs the attendance office, has noticed a drop in unexcused absences compared to last year.  With a more strictly enforced policy, students

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New Technology Has Potential for In-School Implementation

2013 is a big year for new technology. There are plans for new tech including a folding car, the next group of operating system releases, and the next generation of video game consoles. The plans extend outside of simple consumer electronics though, and enter the realm of wearable computing. Google Glass is described as a “hands-free” smartphone experience. Glass can

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Lululemon Recalls Popular Athletic Wear

Unfortunate customers could see right through Lululemon– literally.  The popular athletic clothing company recalled certain styles of women’s pants and leggings in their signature Luon fabric over the weekend of March 15-17. Both Birmingham and Troy Lululemon locations don’t interview on a store level, and all questions were submitted to “We have found some black Luon fabrics from our

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Made in Michigan “Oz” Celebrates Local Roots

With contributions by Kathleen Davis Along a carpet resembling a certain yellow-bricked road on Tuesday, March 5, “Oz The Great and Powerful”, a special premiere was held at the Royal Oak Imagine Theatre to celebrate and screen the film for Michigan natives involved in the movie process. The made-in-Michigan film, which was released nationally March 8, is a new twist

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Locker Room Thieves Caught on Camera

Written by Luke Sperling with contributions by David Grenadier On January 23rd, 2013, three minors broke into one car in the Seaholm parking lot and stole from a Seaholm locker room. They have been caught, and are facing felony charges for larceny of theft, possibly receiving five years in prison and a fine of $10,000, according to Birmingham Police school

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