Snow Days Won’t Extend School Year

The three snow days and a partial day off due to the broken boiler March 1, will not extend the school year.

According to Seaholm Principal Dee Lancaster, the broken boiler will not count as one of the five reserved snow days.

“The day off from the boiler is not counted against you,” Lancaster said. “All the students were given an excused absence because the day off occurred as an ‘act of G-o-d’, you could say.”

According to district policy, school days may be added if the district exceeds five snow days in the year.

Sophomore Katy Wells worries that the excess amount of days off will result in a longer school year that takes away days from the summer of 2013.

“I don’t want to have any more days off of school,” Wells said. “I want to have a summer that is as long as possible.”

Despite students’ concerns, the school has yet to exceed the given number of snow days this year. Therefore, school is still scheduled to end June 13, according to Lancaster.

“We have had three snow days this year, we are given a total of five every year,” Lancaster said. “We haven’t used the other two yet. So until then, were good.”

The multiple snow days this school year, along with the extra days off such as Martin Luther King Day, the freshman, sophomores and seniors day off during the MME and ACT testing, have only caused teachers stress over the soon ending trimester, according to Chinese teacher Jie Liu Billinger.

“We’ve had three snow days, which has really thrown the schools schedule out of the loop,” Billinger said. “Usually the end of the trimester isn’t this stressful, but this year is different, it feels too rushed to have finals coming up.”

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