Locker Room Thieves Caught on Camera

Written by Luke Sperling with contributions by David Grenadier

On January 23rd, 2013, three minors broke into one car in the Seaholm parking lot and stole from a Seaholm locker room. They have been caught, and are facing felony charges for larceny of theft, possibly receiving five years in prison and a fine of $10,000, according to Birmingham Police school liaison officer Jerry Hall.

These three unnamed individuals were seen by Seaholm’s security cameras that later led to their identification.

”We saw that those three gentlemen had actually entered the locker room,” Seaholm principal Deanna Lancaster said. “So that’s how we identified them.”

There was no forcible break in inside the school, as the locker room door that was stolen from was already unlocked.

“[The Locker room] was not locked, it was propped open,” Lancaster said.

In the parking lot of Seaholm, however, the three teenagers (ages 16-17) did break into one car and stole various items.

“They did break into at least one vehicle, I don’t know if multiple vehicles, but I know one vehicle for sure,” Lancaster said. “The police were contacted that night.”

The three thieves, who are from the Detroit Metropolitan Area, turned themselves in on February 7th to the Birmingham Police Station, Hall told the Highlander.

Hall, who made the arrest, confirmed the charges of the three adolescents.

Hall also said that some of the items that were stolen were returned, including two phones, a watch, and a laptop that the criminals broke. The total value of all the goods taken is approximately $1,000, according to him.

There is no current court date scheduled, but Hall recently got the warrant back, so once he finishes his work, the court case will begin.

Hunter Gvozdich, a victim of these thefts, had an iPhone 4s and wallet stolen from him. The wallet contained $100 worth of cash and gift cards, and also had a credit card in it.

Gvozdich said, “the police found [my stolen property] about a week ago.”

According to him, the three thieves must pay for the wallet and its contents, as they were never recovered. He has not yet been reimbursed.

“I’m pretty happy with the way it worked out,” Gvozdich said. “The detective here did a really good job of getting information to me once they figured it out.”

Lancaster said what further security measures need to be taken to prevent an event like this from occurring again.

“The biggest is lock your stuff up” Lancaster said. “That was one spot that could not have gotten into had the door not been propped open.”

There are things both students and faculty need to work on to improve security at Seaholm.

“We’re gonna try to come in to put some things into place that we can have a better idea of where people are and what they’re doing,” Lancaster said. “There are systems we can work on.”

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