Lululemon Recalls Popular Athletic Wear

Lululemon Athletica on the corner of Maple and Old Woodward. The store recently recalled their popular "Luon" pants, popular among Birmingham teens.  PHOTO / CAROLINE SQUATRITO

Lululemon Athletica on the corner of Maple and Old Woodward. The store recently recalled their popular “Luon” pants, popular among Birmingham teens. PHOTO / CAROLINE SQUATRITO

Unfortunate customers could see right through Lululemon– literally.  The popular athletic clothing company recalled certain styles of women’s pants and leggings in their signature Luon fabric over the weekend of March 15-17.

Both Birmingham and Troy Lululemon locations don’t interview on a store level, and all questions were submitted to

“We have found some black Luon fabrics from our factories and available in store on March 1, 2013 did not meet our technical specifications and not living up to our standard,” said Lululemon media contributor, Silvia Mordini in an email to the Highlander.

“The coverage that the pants are providing are falling short of our expectations of our signature fabric,” said Mordini.

The company says it stands by their product, whether or not it’s torn.

“We do stand behind the quality of our pants and garments, so we have pulled bottoms that are made with black luon off of our shelves,” said Mordini.

The store is very popular amongst the Seaholm community.

Anstett was surprised to hear about the recall.

“I heard about the recall and it surprised me because their products are usually high quality, but didn’t experience any recalled products,” said Anstett.

“I like Lulu a lot and I think the stylish workout clothes are a good motivator to get people to go workout,” said senior Phoebe Anstett.  “It’s really popular at Seaholm, girls are always wearing it and some guys too.”

Junior Kelly Sheko also voiced a positive opinion of Lululemon.

“I love it because it is fabulous, their clothing is comfortable and makes a lot of body types look fabulous,” said Sheko, “I have never had a problem with any of my Lululemon clothing.”

Junior Brooke Callaghan did experience the faulty fabrics of Lululemon.

“I went to the store to see if I could exchange a pair of leggings that were peeling,” said Callaghan, “I tried on my size and they fit perfect but they were see-through.”

Staying true to their policy, the store was willing to give Callaghan a new pair of leggings.

“I ended up not being able to get a new pair for free that wasn”t peeling because I didn’t want to get a pair that was see-through,” said Callaghan, “I was confused because I have had other pairs in the past and haven’t had a problem with them.”

According to Mordini, Lululemon strives to please guests and claims to take all necessary steps to make the highest quality products.

However, in a press release from Lululemon, the CEO of the company said she was disappointed with the recent product malfunction.

“We regret any inconvenience this has caused for our guests. It is always our first priority to protect the quality of our fabrics that keep our guest so loyal to our products, said lululemon CEO Christine Day, in a March 18th press release.

“We will accept nothing less than the very highest quality we are known for,” said Day.

So what if you purchased any recalled items? Fear not! Lululemon has you covered.

“Guests who purchased black Luon pants after March 1st, either online or in stores, and believe they have affected product are welcome to return the product for a full refund or exchange,” said media contributor Alecia Pulman.

Nearby stores located in Birmingham and Troy are able to serve anyone who has experienced the downside of the recall.

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