Softball Sees Decline in Participants

As spring tryouts rolled around, the girls’ softball team had a total of 22 girls attend for their upcoming season.

“Over the past four to five years our numbers have declined,” Head Coach Bill Schuerman said.

The program currently has 22 girls playing between both a JV and varsity team. While this number has been declining over the past few years the numbers are a little higher than last year.

“We have 22 players in the softball program,” Schuerman said. “Enough to handle the usual amount of injuries and various conflicts that arise during the season.”

According to Athletic Director Aaron Frank, there are 16 less spring athletes this year compared to last year. Seaholm offers 10 sports in the spring compared to 12 in both the winter and fall.

“By the time we get back from break, I anticipate that we will have almost exactly the same number of spring athletes as last year,” Frank said.

Junior and former junior varsity player Eleni Barr said she wishes more girls tried out during her time with the team.

“We would recruit anyone we could, including people who have never played before,” Barr said.

Barr chose not to return to the team because of work commitments as well as conflicts with other travel sports.

“It’s a little more than two hours a day every day and the travel and time commitment including tournaments is the same as the other spring sports,” junior and varsity player Riley Miller said.

The team also plays a numerous amount of double headers during the season, which makes for anywhere between four and five hours on the field on any given game day.

“In the past couple of years we have definitely seen a drop of people trying out,” Miller said.

Miller said she believes that this drop is caused by players leaving to participate in a different sport.

“Even though we don’t have as many players, we don’t expect that to affect our play this year with the help of a strong, young core of returning varsity starters,” Miller said.

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