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5 Last Minute Stress Busters

Written by Meghan Flynn    The end of the trimester has rolled around and with that comes stress and anxiety about finals. The Highlander has come up with five last minute stress busters for this week, to prevent no meltdowns at two am the night before finals.    What you eat can greatly contribute to stress levels. Some of the

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More Blended Courses to Come

Seaholm High School is taking another step towards 21st Century Learning in the upcoming 2013-2014 year, introducing blended classes. The classes involve many different subjects that have been taught at Seaholm before, but are now being instructed outside of the classroom in places that apply to the class’s subject. “The class is unique in ways that, if you were an

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“Teamwork” Has a Nice Ring to It

This past fall, the women’s Cross Country team was crowned the Division One State champions. Their victory left them ranked number one in the country. As if that wasn’t enough, they received the first ever perfect score of a 1.000 from the National Cross Country Coaches Association. The team was awarded rings to commemorate their achievements and their hard work.

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Seaholm Earns Evergreen Status

Every month or so Paige Russell loads three blue bins and countless other boxes and garbage bags from Seaholm’s recycling station into her blue Ford Escape. From there, she drives to SOCRRA – the largest recycling center in the Birmingham community – and, with fellow classmates, sorts through used batteries, ink cartridges, cell phones and other nondescript recyclables into the

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