Baseball Moves to 5-2 After a Strong Start to the Season

   After a convincing 15-8 win against cross town rivals Groves, the Seaholm varsity baseball team moved to a 5-2 record on the season.

   The Maples traveled to the Falcon nest on Monday, April 15.  Early in the game, Groves took a 6-0 lead while the Maple bats struggled.  Later in the game though, Seaholm regained control and tied it up at 6-6 and a huge final inning gave the Maples 9 runs and an important in-league win.

   “We got punched in the mouth early, but we responded well as a team,” junior shortstop Alex Breeden said. Some guys weren’t playing too well so a lot of us picked up the slack for some of our key players and just had a team win and were able to pull it out and crush them.”

   Tuesday, April 9 the team fell to West Bloomfield 7-1 during their first home game and first in league game of the season.

   The Maples started their season in Cincinnati, Ohio with a three day road trip over spring break.  They began their stay in Cincinnati losing to Grosse Pointe South 10-7, Miami University (Ohio).

   The team rebounded to win two double-headers against Edgewood High School from Trenton, Ohio (13-5 and 16-7) and McNicholas High School from Cincinnati (11-8 and 4-3).  The team showed a strong offense during these double headers, coming together for 16 hits in two of the games.

   Head coach Dan Drapal said the team saw much growth in Cincinnati and that their game is starting to improve.

   “Every win was basically a team win, we had two guys we threw out at the plate from the outfield, two games down there where we had 16 hits each game, so everybody contributes,” Drapal said.  “There’s innings where the top of the line up didn’t hit and the bottom of the lineup does, so everybody is picking each other up and I think that’s been the highlight.  I think these kids are starting to understand that that is how the game is played, you pick each other up and good things happen throughout the course of a game.”

   “As far as picking up one another means, it means having each other’s backs,” senior captain and third baseman Max Cormier said.  “When somebody makes a mistake, somebody else picks up the slack and we’re doing a pretty good job f that thus far.”

   Cincinnati also helped the team come together as a bonding experience.

   “It’s a good bonding experience for the team too just to be down there, away and really focusing on baseball, and it was our first time on the field so they were excited to get after it,” Drapal said

   This year’s 14 person roster makes the team small in numbers, but Drapal believes that what they lack in numbers, they make up for in experience and leadership.

   “We had a lot of sophomores up last year that are now juniors and the seniors that we have returning have great leadership, and it’s come together from that standpoint,” Drapal said.

   Among the leaders on the team are senior captains Tommy Scheidt and Comier along with junior captain Josh Leitman.

   So far the Maples have relied on their chemistry and teamwork for their wins.  They believe no one player will win for them throughout the season.

   “I don’t think we have any one player that’s a superstar, so we’re going to have to rely on each other more and not let one person carry the team to be successful,” Cormier said.

   After this strong start to the season, the Maples have high expectations and are looking to wind up on the top of the competitive OAA White division.

   “Our main goal at this point is to win our league, win that (OAA) White Division, and I think that’s doable for sure,” Drapal said.  “It’s never an easy league to win in any of the OAA games, but I do give us a chance.  If our pitchers throw strikes and we do the little things right, I think we could be a team that other teams start paying attention to.”

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