Summer Jobs: Keeping Students Busy


   Hannah Schuele, a junior at Seaholm, sits on a stand above a bustling pool of swimmers. The smell of chlorine drifts through the air as she watches over people in the warm summer sun. Whether she is watching over swimmers, sitting at the check in desk, or walking around the grounds, Schuele gets to spend her summer days by the pool.

    Schuele works at the Beverly Hills Athletic Club as a lifeguard, about 20-30 hours a week.

    “Getting paid to sit outside and have a relaxing summer, it is what I’d call the perfect job,” Schuele says about her job at BHAC.

    “I absolutely love sitting around in the sun, and I work with a great group of people, ” Schuele said.

    As school is wrapping up in the next few months, many students are searching for a good summer job.

    With most colleges getting out early to mid may, students need to jump on the application process soon.

    There are many different kinds of jobs that students can apply for, all within a short drive or walk from home.

    A plethora of jobs can be found in our very own downtown Birmingham, where over 50 different restaurants line the streets.

    If you are looking for a job in food services, some ideas are Leo’s, Einstein’s, Jimmy Johns, Subway, Bread smith, and the Original House of Pancakes.

    Charlie Burg, a junior, knows first hand about how difficult job searching can be. Burg applied to Leo’s a month ago but never heard back from them.

    “I walked in and asked to speak to the manager but they weren’t there, so I spoke to the cashier. They told me to write my info on a blank piece of paper and I never heard back,” Burg said.

    Eleni Barr, also a junior, got a bit further in the application process.

    “I think I applied to every store in downtown Birmingham before I got a call back. It was from Leos, and they told me they didn’t have a position for someone my age,” Barr said.

    Matthew Rothschild, a junior at Seaholm, works at Jimmy Johns on Telegraph and Maple.

    “The good part is we get some free food. It’s a fun job and I’d recommend it. The only bad part is the rude costumers,” Rothschild said.

    If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, try applying at one of the many ice cream shops in Birmingham.

       You can work at Dairy Deluxe, Sanders, Dairy Mat, Sweet Earth, and Coldstone, all starting at the age of 16. This is also the age requirement to begin training for a job at these locations.

       Katie Sarkesian, a senior, works at Sanders.

    “I really like that my hours are convenient so I can still have a life. The challenging part, I would say, is having time for school and work, and missing out on stuff when I’m working.”

   A bonus, Sarkesian adds, is that you get free food from the store.

    Pizza places like Little Caesars, Jets, Brooklyn, and Papa Romano’s all employ young adults.

    If working in foods isn’t for you, don’t lose hope. There are a wide range of jobs in lifeguarding, caddying, modeling, acting, summer camp counseling, and clothing.

    Barr, who works now as a caddy at Oakland Hills, would recommend the job to anyone.

    “It’s nice to have a summer job that’s outside so you can enjoy the weather, even if you do get bad tan lines,” Barr said.

    The I Group, a modeling and acting agency in Southfield MI, “is always open for new talent submissions,” as written on their website, To get more information about how to apply, please visit their site.

    If you love animals or sports, Bloomfield Sports Shop, Varsity Shop, and Premier Pet Supply are some other jobs to look into.  

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