Senior’s Last Week With a Twist

After a senior assembly, which took place on May 2, held by administration, a slight air of confusion was left behind with the students in attendance. Students were unsure what, exactly, the calendar spelled out for their last week of school.

 On May 3, Principal Dee Lancaster clarified the plan with the Highlander.

 “Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are normal school days,” Lancaster said. “Thursday is CJ Barrymore’s, and then Friday is senior skip day.”

 A new addition to the last week for seniors is an all-expenses paid trip to CJ Barrymore’s Entertainment Center, located in Clinton Township.

 CJ Barrymore’s contains activities such as bumper cars, a rock climbing wall, and an arcade, according to their website.

 Seaholm’s administration has paid for the park in advance, and is allowing students to attend free of charge. According to CJ Barrymore’s website, school field trips are 16 dollars per student, making the trip more than a $4,000 cost to the administration, not including the cost of bussing.

 Not all students share the same attitude towards the off-site “skip day” as administration.

 “I’m sure it’s going to be fun, but I’m against the administration trying to make senior skip day a school coordinated event,” senior Paul Kassab said. “The whole point of it is to have a day where we don’t feel repressed by the administration.”

 Senior Julie Fynke agrees.

 “I think the proposal of CJ Barrymore’s is somewhat insulting to our maturity and shows a lack of respect to [the senior class],” Fynke said. “Seeing as though we’re expected to act as young adults.”

 Senior Patrick Blair takes a more positive approach to the trip.

 “I’m excited to have one last day with all the seniors,” Blair said. “Just to have the most fun as possible.”

 The seniors interested in participating in the trip will meet in the student parking lot Thursday morning at 9 AM, and board the busses from there. According to Lancaster, no seniors will be allowed into the building after Wednesday.

 Students who chose not to participate must have a parent sign them out for the day, and will receive an unexcused absence if they neglect to do so.

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