Central Administrators Moving to New Location

Birmingham Public Schools Central Administrators will be moving to a new building on June 7, according to the Director of Community Relations Marcia Wilkinson.

The current board office, located at 550 West Merrill in downtown Birmingham, sold for two million dollars to Merrill Street Investments, LLC on October 16, 2012. The tentative closing date is June 10, 2013.

The BPS Education and Administration Center will be the name of the new building on the grounds of Groves High School.

“It will be located at 31301 Evergreen Rd. in Beverly Hills,” said Wilkinson. “This is the site of the former Birmingham Conference Center and is attached to Groves High School. There has been some remodeling done to accommodate the different departments. The footprint of the space has not changed and many areas remain the same.”

The square footage of the current and new buildings is approximately the same. However, the current building has 20,000 square feet of administrative offices and the new building has 10,000 square feet of administrative offices with 10,000 square feet of remaining conference center space.

The Board approved improvements to the new building including interior renovations, audio visual systems, structured cabling, exterior driveway, and an audio visual system which adds up to $677,434.

Paul DeAngelis, the Deputy Superintendent for Educational Services said changing buildings is a good idea.

“The move to new offices is very much a positive step for the District,” he said. “The sale of the current Administration Building will provide money to fund capital projects for the District next year. The new space will be a better work and learning environment. To the latter, the professional development spaces will allow for greater numbers of participants, more flexibility in scheduling, and – as important – better aesthetics.”

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