Two Seniors With a Passion for Fashion


Senior Tanya Vu poses in front of a FIDM elevator. Vu will be attending the school in the fall and hopes to pursue a career in the business side of the fashion industry.  PHOTO / TANYA VU

Senior Tanya Vu poses in front of a FIDM elevator. Vu will be attending the school in the fall and hopes to pursue a career in the business side of the fashion industry. PHOTO / TANYA VU

  Sketch. Measure. Cut. Sew. Repeat.

   This is the natural rhythm that goes through the minds of Anna Hardig and Tanya Vu throughout their day.

   Hoping to take their passion for fashion to new heights, Seaholm’s these two seniors hope to pursue their love for clothes the next four years while they both attend college for fashion.

   Attending the University of Michigan next fall, Hardig has been creating her own designs since middle school.

   “I’ll use sharpies and if I like a pair of jeans I’ll just draw on them,” Hardig said.

   For years she’s been picking color schemes and free handing patterns using her talent to craft fun patterned jeans and Converse tennis shoes, turning her wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary.

   It all started when Hardig spotted a pair of must-have patterned jeans.

   “I saw this pair of jeans that I really liked but they didn’t fit me,” Hardig said.

   But unlike most, she didn’t stop there. Hardig went to Target and bought a pair of fitting, plain jeans. She freehanded her own pattern on them and turned the pants into a work of art.

   “They’re so much better than the first pair of jeans I saw,” Hardig said. “It’s just fun having my

own design on them.”

   Hardig’s mom, Sara Hardig, encourages her daughter to keep with her passion and use her


   “I love seeing Anna find new ways to express her creativity,” Mrs. Hardig said.

   Hardig’s art teacher her senior year, Elizabeth Moyer, enjoys seeing Hardig grow in her artistic ability.

   “She really grew this year,” Moyer said. “She came in with all these different ideas and through the course of the year, funneled them into a concentration.”

   On the marketing side of things, senior Tanya Vu will be attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in the fall, hoping to graduate with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

   Located in Irving, California, and boasting graduates such as Lauren Conrad and Monique Lhuillier, attending a fashion school like FIDM has been a longtime dream of Vu’s.

   “I was taking Fashion Merchandising B at the end of sophomore year, and we started to put on a fashion show,” Vu said. “I thought it was really fun and I potentially saw what I could be doing [as a career].

    Vu’s parents were initially skeptical about their daughter attending fashion school, hoping their daughter were change her mind to pursue a conventional path to a degree.

   “Fashion isn’t a field a lot of people go into,” Vu said. “They’re afraid that when I come out I’m not going to find any jobs.”

   However, Vu’s choice to pursue a major related to business and family ties in California have swayed her parents.

   “They’re really supportive about it now,” Vu said.

   Hardig hopes to continue to concentrate on her fashion/art talent at University of Michigan next year.

   “I’m doing a dual major,” Hardig explained. “I’m thinking industrial operations engineering and

material science.”

   However Hardig decides to utilize her rare talent, she always knows she has the support of her

biggest fans.

   “I’m excited to see Anna’s creative artwork and every new thing she creates,” Mrs. Hardig said.

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