Gasper’s Passion for Filmmaking Pays Off

   Picturesque backdrops, catchy songs, and high-definition footage are just a few notable aspects of junior Jordan Gasper’s action sports films. 

   Since the summer of 2010, Gasper has been filming action sports videos, referred to as “edits”.  Since he began filming sports such as skiing and biking, it has remained a passion. 

  “It started two years ago with a couple buddies, we wanted to make something out of it,” said Gasper. “During the summer I picked up my first camera and we made an edit.”

   “I film anything from action sports to documentaries.  I’m in the video production class here, so I film everything across the board,” said Gasper.

  Gasper’s first camera was a GoPro, which he believed to be the best option at the time.

   “It was the best statistically, feature wise, and it didn’t break the bank too much,” said Gasper.  He now mostly uses a Canon T3i.

   That winter, Gasper filmed his first ski video, and subsequently made more for the next two winters.

   Throughout his sport filmmaking career, Gasper has worked alongside longtime friend, Alex Stangeland.  

   “When Jordan and I film, which is usually skiing, he predominately films,” Stangeland said, “I’m usually the subject.”

   The duo often cooperates with creative efforts in mind.

   “I help with thinking of ideas for shots and songs,” Stangeland said, “I act as another pair of eyes.  I’m a proofreader, finding any faults in the videos.”

   “Once we started filming stuff, we really took an interest and a feeling of accomplishment when we finished an edit,” said Stangeland.   

   Gasper’s films have received positive feedback from peers and success in competitions.

   “Jordan’s films are really cool,” said junior Griffin Ortale. 

   This winter, Gasper was entered in AGA Nation’s Top Midwest Filmer competition which he won. 

   According to the AGA Nation website, “AGA Nation is the grass roots connection to the action sports world. Since 2007, AGA Nation has focused on promoting the next generation of extreme sports athletes through successful competitions, community and online programs.” 

 The competition is designed to find the top action filmmaker in the Midwest.  Prospective winners don’t enter themselves in the competition, AGA Nation determines the winner based on others nominations. 

    “I was entered in the competition with my recent edit I had with some of the pros that came by, and I won that,” said Gasper.

   “To be honest, I didn’t even know I was in it until about the second round”, said Gasper.

   The competition narrows down contenders similar to the format of the NCAA March Madness bracket, beginning with 32 contenders. 

   “It felt nice winning it because it gives me a little more exposure and it was cool seeing the talent from other filmers around the Midwest,” said Gasper. 

   Despite his successes, Gasper doesn’t wish to pursue filmmaking.

   “It’s fun.  I don’t think I want to make a career out of it.  It’s just a hobby I do,” said Gasper. 

   According to Gasper, filmmaking is a good way to express creativity in a fun way. 

   “There are endless possibilities with filmmaking,” said Gasper. 


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