Seaholm Junior Pursues Design Industry

   With a “neo-punk-wave-post-grunge-psychedelic-trash” vibe and sublime effects, Chloe Hajjar creates her own unique visions.

   Hajjar, a junior, created a website, that is filled with her projects and artwork.

   “It is basically a website to promote my artwork and for other people to find it easily and cycle throughout the internet,” Hajjar said. is currently under construction, but has three photos online so far. The first is an electric purple hand with eyes on each fingertip. The hand pops of a bright blue background to create and eye catching scene. The second, with 58 likes, is a beaming blue man with smoke flowing out of both his eyes and mouth. The most recent is a girl with eerie green skin and technicolor hair with lips as eyes.

   Hajjar has had a fascination with art since she was a child, even creating her own YouTube channel filled of her own music videos. The most popular was her own version of “The Harold Song” which brought in 26,196 views.

   “I’m interested in taking photographs and manipulating them by overlapping images and creating surreal effects,” Hajjar said.

   Hajjar is currently working on two projects, one is a series of projects and the other is based off processed foods.

   She is thinking of taking her website and artwork to the next level. Along with the stickers and photographs, she is thinking about including graphic t-shirts and crew neck sweatshirts and create an online store.

   In the future, Hajjar hopes to continue her work in the graphic design industry and head out to school in New York City.

   “I’m still undecided,” Hajjar said. “But New York is filled with so many opportunities, and I want to go to the city.”

   With some of the top art schools in the country, as well as endless opportunities, New York is a renowned place to experience working in the industry and understanding the graphic design business.

   Parsons the New School offers an Associate’s degree in their School of Art, Media, and Technology.

   According to the program’s description page, “Students in the Graphic Design degree program investigate up-to-the-minute tools and trends of the trade, including introductory and advanced web design, while receiving a solid foundation in the traditional practices and concepts of graphic design.”

   This program wants motivated students to challenge themselves in this field and start to attempt their professional career.

   Hajjar believes she is ready for a job in the business and is excited for the work that she can create.

   “In the future I would love to become a graphic designer,” Hajjar said. “I hope I have the chance to work on posters and album covers.”

    Working in the graphic design business can be incredibly exciting and thrilling, but it includes hours of work and dedication.

   According to, “Designers must be able to work under extreme time constraints and very defined financial and design limits to produce quality material.”

   Designers in this business also need to cooperate in a group working environment and work well with others, understand the market research of the corporate side, and create sketches and models that represent the product well.

   Hajjar has gained a lot of experience from the Seaholm art department.

   “Ms. Moyer is such an inspiring and motivating teacher. She’s helped me so much,” Hajjar said. “She’s a great role model and I’m thankful Seaholm has such an amazing teacher like her!”

   Hajjar goes to her classroom whenever she has a rough day and just wants to express herself.

   “I hope this website will promote my work and help me understand the graphic design business.”

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