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Senior Fencer Comes a Long Way

Nothing else matters except for the adversary that lay ahead. Maintaining focus, anticipating each and every move, and blocking all sense of anxiety is key. Carefully examining the opponent so she can counter the first attack, she balances her footwork and on cue swiftly raises her saber in response as the referee closely watches. The hit is clear, and advanced

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Seaholm-Andover Sailing Team Gears Up For Competition

This September, the joint Seaholm-Andover sailing team will set sail towards its first fall season. For head of the sailing team, junior Natalie Utley sailing means having fun, being on the water and frequently exercising through the sport in the summer. She’s interested in raising the awareness of the sport and hopes to accommodate sailors of all skill levels. “For

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“Getaway” Encourages a Getaway From This Movie

   From retired race car driver played by Ethan Hawk (Gattaca) to a teen pop star turned world-class tech wizard played by Selena Gomez (Spring Breakers) , Getaway has it all.    This overly action-packed thriller, directed by Courtney Solomon (An American Haunting), manages to pack outrageously unrealistic scenarios and a predictable plot line all in one.    When well-known

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Students Speak Up

   35 weeks, 175 days, 1,269 hours- no matter how it’s broken down, each school year brings a large part of a high school student’s life is spent in the classroom.    According to assistant principal Deb Boyer, the fear of a student being limited, restricted, and uninterested in school is not uncommon.    Boyer said she spoke to a

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New Year, New Rules

   On Wednesday, September 4, there were class assemblies for each grade. Seaholm Principal Dee Barash and Assistant Principals Deb Boyer and Ali Hamka reminded students of existing rules and informed them of some changes for the 2013-14 school year.    For upperclassmen, security guards will be checking ID’s at the doors during lunch to verify grade level. They will

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A Learning Experience for All

STAFF EDITORIAL    Four grades of Seaholm students spent the summer stressing, dreading, and agonizing over one thing: Bottlemania.    A unified, school-wide summer reading assignment, especially one based around an important issue, is a good idea in theory. It allows the whole student body to come together to get behind an issue, breaking down the rigid barriers between grades.

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