Seaholm Introduces Spirit Week

   Field Day and Homecoming are some of the school year’s most anticipated events. This year, Seaholm has moved those events to the same week.

   “I think the whole spirit week leading up to the homecoming game leading up the homecoming dance, I think it was all a good decision,” Student Congress Advisor Mike Wicker said.

   Starting off the week, students will each have designated times on Sunday afternoon to decorate hallways.

   “Now they’re giving big sections of the wall to decorate and so we’ll have to stagger our time and keep each other away from everybody else’s,” Principal Dee Barash said.

   Replacing the banner with decorating the wall was a decision made last spring by Student Congress Representatives and the 2012 Field Day Chairs.

   “My belief about banner has always been that it’s a lot of work and a lot of money for something that hangs in the gym for half a day,” Barash said. “Versus something where we could leave up all week and everybody would get to enjoy it and it would be cool and and it would show off our school spirit.”

   All of the other events at field day will stay the same.

   Continuing in the week, students and staff will be dressing up in different themes each day, which is a new part of Seaholm’s Spirit Week, according to senior Melissa Shiner.

   “I think it is awesome that everyone is dressing differently each day,” Shiner said. “Everyone gets an opportunity to express themselves in a different way each day.”

   Monday will kick off the week with Color Day. The seniors will wear black, the juniors blue, sophomores whites, and the freshman red.

   Tuesday’s theme will be Western Day and that night will the annual Junior-Senior Powderpuff game at 7 pm on Maple Field.

   Wednesday’s schedule consists of a Testing Day. The freshman will be taking the MEAP, sophomores the PLAN, and juniors the PSAT. Those grades will come in at 7:30, while the seniors start class at 11 am. The theme of Ugly Sweater Day will allow students to remain comfy while testing.

   On Thursday, the theme is Maple Day, so wear anything relating to Seaholm Pride.

   Thursday night will also be the Homecoming Parade. It will start at 6 pm.

   “Anybody who wants to actually [can march],” Barash said.

   The Parade will be about a mile and a quarter.

   “The plan is to leave from the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches on Maple,” Barash said. “Come all the way down Pleasant to Lincoln, then Lincoln to Cranbrook and into the student lot and into the stadium.”

   Immediately following the parade will be a pep rally.

   Friday is Field Day. Students will show up at 7:30 and the event starts at 7:30. Each grade will dress up like their name sake. According to Wicker, the grades are Freshman Farmers, Sophomores Space Invaders, Juniors Jets, and Seniors Spartans.

   After field day ends at noon, students are given the rest of the day off.

   “I know [field day/homecoming] is a little later in the year, but I think it’s all the same buildup and allows people to get out of school early without missing class,” Wicker said.

   The Homecoming Game versus Groves starts at 7 pm. The Maple Forest will be in tee-shirts that say “Seaholm Maples” on the front and “Fear the Forest” on the back.

   Before the game, there is an alumni tailgate. According to Assistant Principal Deb Boyer, alumni have been invited back for the 90th field day.

   “I continue to put it out all the time so I don’t have a good sense of who will be there,” Barash said. “There’s no real way to track that, so I’m hoping that a lot will be there.”

   Finishing up Spirit Week will be the Homecoming Dance. According to Wicker, the theme is candy-based.

   “It’s called Homecoming: How Sweet It Is,” Wicker said. “There’ll be candy distributed as well as candy decorations.”

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