NHS Policy Changes for Incoming Freshmen

   A whirl of panic rushed over Seaholm’s juniors and lower classman on September 17th when NHS announced their new required GPA would be a 3.7. This was a .2 increase from previous years. However, only three days later an “eblast” was sent out to all of the people that attended the meeting and all of the Seaholm mailing list, stating that the requirements to be able to apply to NHS were going to be lowered back to the previous years standards for juniors and seniors, while this years freshman were to live up to the new 3.7 GPA standard.

   At the opening meeting concerns were quickly raised by many students. Junior Phillip Wandyez who brought up a concern about the difference in rigor between students’ schedules. For example taking all AP classes could result in a lower GPA than taking all electives.

   The president of NHS, Maria Callaghan, declined comment on the policy change. However, NHS’s public “eblast” notified the Seaholm public of the new changesshown below.

   “Current sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be held to the existing 3.50 cumulative unweighted GPA requirement. We believe this is fair and historically consistent with past practices. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

   The “eblast” reassured many worried parents and students that they would be able to apply to NHS, this upcoming year.

   “I think the officers and some of the students [wanted the policy changed to a 3.7] because it’s such a high number. So, you know this year’s junior class with the un-weighted 3.5, half the class qualifies for NHS,” Barash said. “So what happens is, and it’s kind of what I explained during the meeting, everyone uses it for college entrance, and if they’re seniors they won’t be coming to meetings. They don’t pay their dues. They don’t do their community service because they have already have it on their apps. So, we’re trying to have a little more meaning into it than just something to say they did it but not just follow up.”

   When the idea of the switch was still in the air, there was a buzz of worry going around the junior grade trying to figure out if they were qualified to apply to NHS. Many students realized how detrimental this would be for their college applications if they were not in NHS.

   “I truly put on my mom hat on and went ‘alright if I all along thought that my sons were going to qualify based on the 3.5 then all of a sudden it changes, and their right on the cusp, it changes to a 3.7 and their really that 3.5-3.6 kind of kid, is that fair?’” Barash said. “No not really, we need to do a better job communicating it, so I went back to the officers and Mrs. Wichers. “

   “I support the current NHS and any decisions the officers have made,” said last year’s president David Granadier.

   NHS’s national entrance requirement is a 3.0 GPA. However, Seaholm has so many qualified students those in charge of the decision felt they needed to challenge and raise the GPA to make it more exclusive at Seaholm.

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