Boy’s Tennis Team Continuing a Series of Excellence

   The 2013 boys tennis team has had a good season so far this fall. They have a record of eight wins, three ties, and three losses.

   “We’ve been playing good tennis,” head coach G. Scott Ransome said. “Our schedule’s been challenging and the guys have met each challenge admirably.”

   Senior captain Ben McDermott, playing in the one singles position, has had a tough season so far, but has been a good leader.

   “I feel like I’ve played a lot of good matches,” McDermott said. “It’s a tough spot, but, you know, I do the best that I can.”

   Playing in the two singles flight is sophomore Zaven Dadian. Three singles is junior captain Rocko Gibout, and sophomore Gavin Butler plays the four singles position. In the doubles, junior Griffin Neel and senior captain Kenji Johnston play the one spot, senior Francisco Leyva and sophomore Andrew Latessa play two, junior Alex Cross and senior Chris Breeden play three, and sophomores Will Geller and Brendan Knight play four. Conor Ryan and Andrew Geller play at five doubles.

   Last year at the state tournament, the Seaholm boys placed fifth in Division II.

   They are about half way through the season, and they have a positive outlook on the remaining part of the season and the MHSAA state tournament.

   “We are going to be better than five in the state,” Ransome said. “And we think that that goal is attainable and we think it’s realistic.”

   Neel and Johnston at one doubles have had a strong season thus far. They have only lost a couple matches, and they are still going strong. The state tournament is October 18 and 19.

    “Griffin and I have only lost a couple of times, probably twice, the whole season,” Johnston said. “You know, we’re just a solid team.” “One doubles has been tough, they’ve played really well,” assistant coach Paul Young said.

   Gibout has also had a favorable season. He has beaten three singles players at North Farmington and Division I schools such as Troy.

   According to MI Prep Zone, associated with the Oakland Press as Oakland County High School sports coverage, the Michigan High School Tennis Coaches Association has ranked Seaholm as eighth in Division II as of September 16.

   “Our goal since the beginning of the season has been to place higher than fifth. That’s still our goal right now,” McDermott said. “First we have to get there one step at a time. That’s our goal.”

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