New Year, New Rules

   On Wednesday, September 4, there were class assemblies for each grade. Seaholm Principal Dee Barash and Assistant Principals Deb Boyer and Ali Hamka reminded students of existing rules and informed them of some changes for the 2013-14 school year.

   For upperclassmen, security guards will be checking ID’s at the doors during lunch to verify grade level. They will be looking for the yellow and maroon cards of upperclassmen.

   This year, there will be modifications made to field day. There will be hallway decorating the Sunday before spirit week. There will also be a parade open to the community on Thursday, October 17.

   Students must remember to follow the honor code, obey the cell phone policy, and not be late or have unexcused absences. Detective Jerry Hall reminded students not to give in to peer pressure or post “risky” pictures online.

   Sherree Wilson, the crisis counselor at Seaholm and Groves, reminded students of her presence in both schools and invited them to visit her if they have anything they feel they need to discuss.

   Refer to the 2013-14 Student Handbook online for a thorough explanation of policy.

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