Seaholm-Andover Sailing Team Gears Up For Competition

This September, the joint Seaholm-Andover sailing team will set sail towards its first fall season.

For head of the sailing team, junior Natalie Utley sailing means having fun, being on the water and frequently exercising through the sport in the summer. She’s interested in raising the awareness of the sport and hopes to accommodate sailors of all skill levels.

Final-Sailing Photo

Seaholm social studies teacher Scott Craig sailing on Lake Fenton. He will be the advisor of the sailing team this year./ Photo courtesy of Scott Craig.

“For many years sailing has been an interest of mine and I have other friends who enjoy it as well,” Utley said. I thought it would be really fun to sail together and other people seemed interested too, resulting in the first ever-sailing club.

The sailing team’s current 17 members plan on hosting a team bonding event, and have already made arrangements to participate in an intramural race in October, along the Detroit River.

“I’m not sure [about the race format], but if it’s [the race] like a traditional regatta, you know set up some starting lines, some buoys and there’s all kinds of rules for racing the kids will have to learn before they can actually conduct a race,” sailing advisor Scott Craig said.

The team plans on holding practice every Tuesday and Thursday in September for two hours at the Detroit Yacht Club.

“We are going to focus on instruction in wind direction, points of sail, tacking, gybing and right of way rules,” Utley said. The club will try to accommodate all levels of experience, ranging from having never sailed before to experienced racers.

Junior Cate Goldman a member of the sailing team considers the sport rather new for herself. Goldman plans on working towards her sailing, to gain from the practice.

“I would say my goals for the sailing club would be for everyone to have a really good time and just learn from the experience,” Goldman said. We don’t have to be the best sailors ever, as long as we learn and improve a little bit that’s fine. We are trying to get to know everybody better so that we can all be there for each other as a team and work together.

Andover sailing team member Julia Yee expects an enjoyable sailing season ahead.

“I’m looking forward to just having a good time sailing, going down the water and taking part in the race at the end of the season, that will be fun,” Yee said.

Utley’s ultimate goal is to spur interest in the newly introduced sport, expose new sailors to the basics and wishes that her fellow members enjoy their sailing season.

“I think it’s great that Seaholm allows you to explore your interests through clubs and activities,” Utley said.  I’m very excited for the fall and the first sailing season.

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