A Chick Flick With a New Destination

   Many people would write Baggage Claim off immediately for being just another stereotypical romantic comedy. If you’re one of those people don’t pass on it just yet. This was a funny movie with a wonderful cast, outstanding and fitting sound track, and ever-changing scenery. Although the plot got a bit predictable as the film progressed, it didn’t lower the quality of the movie.

   All her life, Montana Moore (Paula Patton, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol) has been raised around the idea of finding a husband and getting married. Her selectiveness towards potential boyfriends and her lifestyle as a flight attendant has left little in the way of love. The only man she’s had a long-term relationship with was her childhood friend William (Derek Luke, Captain America: The First Avenger). Her mother Catherine (Jenifer Lewis, Think Like A Man) was married five times and now that her sister Sheree (Lauren London, I Love You, Beth Cooper) is engaged, Montana must bring a man to Sheree’s wedding reception.

   After finding out that the man she was dating has another girlfriend, who is pregnant no less, Montana has to find a new man. With the help of her friends Sam (Adam Brody, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World) and Gail (Jill Scott, Obsessed), they create a plan to set Montana up with her ex’s as they’re traveling during the holiday season, hence the movie’s tagline, 30 days and 30,000 miles.

   She “runs into” many of her ex’s, all of whom have big problems which prevent another chance at love. The men range from pretending to be rich, to a control freak, to having his own boyfriend, and to being too affectionate. Through her journey, she realizes her feelings towards Will might be more than friendly. All until Montana meets up with an ex, Quinton (Djimon Hounsou, Blood Diamond), who seems to have all the right qualities, except for one. He owns a hotel and offers to take her around the world, but he doesn’t want to get married. With no time left before her sister’s reception dinner, Montana must choose to show up alone or accept Quinton’s offer.

   One big aspect of the movie was not practical. Montana and her friends could have all been fired and jailed for their actions, seeing as they are putting her without identification or paying onto airplanes. Sam even mentioned this, but Montana and Gail didn’t even blink an eye. Personally, if I was about to commit a federal offense, I’d at least think about it beforehand.

   Director David Talbert did manage to put a new spin on traditional romantic comedies. The main character didn’t start off single and she started dating exes instead of finding someone new. She also had a job that didn’t revolve around the men. Actually the opposite, the men depended on her job. This movie also highlighted a lot of real life character flaws in all of Montana’s exes, which made it more realistic.

MPAA Rating PG-13. Runtime 96 minutes. Release Date: September 27 2013.

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