Mexican Food With a Kick

   To get flavorful Mexican food, one used to have to go to a dive to get a burrito and some salsa. Even worse, some settled their late night craving with fourth meal at Taco Bell. However, MEX! opened a month ago, in Bloomfield Hills near Telegraph and 15 mile, it offers everytype of authentic Mexican food anyone could wish for.

   The décor of MEX! is fun and eye catching. No wall is blank and the interior design is based off of the movie “Alice and Wonderland”. When walking in, the vibe hits you right away. The restaurant is filled with a nice mix of Mexican and glamorous décor. From the candy skull painting to the giant metallic chairs, this is not one to miss.

   MEX! is very different from the other restaurants that chef Zack Sklar has in the area. Sklar is also head chef at Social Kitchen and Bar, a personal favorite. MEX!’s atmosphere is more whimsical, however, both are extremely sought after dinner seats in the Birmingham area.

   MEX!’s wait was 30 minutes long on a Tuesday night. The wait on a Friday or a Saturday is 30-45 minutes. However, the food is completely worth the wait.

   The menu includes every type of Mexican cuisine one could think of. The food isn’t typical Mexican food either; each dish has its own special kick and a mix of different flavors. The menu even has vegan options.

   The food is priced extremely reasonably, for such a highly acclaimed chef as Zack Sklar. Their out-of-this-world guacamole is only $9.5, a classic burrito is $13, fish tacos are $9.5, and chicken tacquitos are only $11.

   Overall the food was a satisfying and legitimate Mexican food. It is definitely a pleasantand fun spot but it’s not an every day dinner restaurant.After all, how many times can one person eat Mexican food a month?

   MEX! is open Sunday through Thursday 4-10 pm and Friday through Saturday 4-11pm.

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