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‘Catching Fire’ is Sure to Light Up the Box Office

“Let the 75th Annual Hunger Games begin!” With action packed scenes and a deepening plot line, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, did justice to the book series and the first film. For the first time ever, the sequel is actually better than the original. The second adaption from Suzanne Collins’ award winning trilogy, Catching Fire continues where the first film

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Listen to Luke: Scholastic Gaming

Let’s face it; today’s educational games suck. They are strange, trying to merge learning and fun, while inadvertently giving just as much entertainment as slapping your computer with a ham sandwich. And they teach you as much as watching clowns tussle. There aren’t really any enjoyable educational games for the high school audience. Teens would rather be playing Halo and

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Selfie Absorbed

STAFF EDITORIAL You open your eyelids just wide enough to clearly zoom the camera lensto expose your iris’s natural color, while suggesting a surprised look. Click. You’ve captured the moment and applied the perfect filter to enhance your iris’s deep blue color. In an instant, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook give the whole world access to see you ‘surprised’. You observe

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Waiting to Drive

Sweet Sixteen means getting your driver’s license, right? The moment you finally hold your very own license is much anticipated. However, not all teens immediately get their driver’s licenses when then they turn sixteen. If you don’t get your license right after you turn 16, you aren’t alone. In a Highlander survey of 35 students, 43 percent of students with

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