Briere Takes a Lighter Approach to Fall Play

   Who murdered Mr. Uno?

   This is the question audience members will be asking during Seaholm’s 2013 Fall Play, which is called the Murderous Mansion of Mr. Uno.

   “It’s a comedy, which Seaholm hasn’t done in a while,” senior Sydney Alexander said.

   Fall Play Director Ben Briere and members of Seaholm’s International Thespian Society (ITS) looked at five plays and decided which one students would perform this year.

   “We did a long one last year. So, I just kind of wanted to do a real quick comedy,” Briere said. “This is going to be an hour and a half show and hopefully it’s going to be hilarious.”

   The run-down of the show will be a skit, Act One, intermission, two more skits, and then Act Two.

   Since this is a show with a smaller cast, Briere decided to try to get the students that auditioned and didn’t make it to still have a part.

   “I’m going to try to get skits that are funny, but have as many people as possible,” Briere said.

   This year’s cast consists of 11 actors and Shane McPartlin as student director.

   “I feel that, although it limits the amount of actors, it allows us to really focus on our roles and all aspects of the show,” senior Sara Kmiec said. “With a larger cast it would be much more difficult to accomplish this.”

   Part of the reason for a smaller play is that it will reduce the cost.

   “We also don’t have a lot of money. We’re having it in the Little Theater instead of the [auditorium]. It has three scenes, so we’ll only have three sets, and with 11 characters we only have to do 11 costumes,” Briere said.

   An exciting twist to this play is that it has 11 different endings.

    “In the sort of murder mystery tradition, it has multiple endings,” Briere said. “And the audience gets to vote on who the killer will be.”

     During the intermission, the audience will decide on which of the 11 characters they choose to kill Mr. Uno.

   “I think it’s going to be really cool to have the audience vote on who they think the suspect is, break the fourth wall, and see it come to life,” Kmiec said.

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