Nummer’s Memorable Trip

Early September, Seaholm junior Abby Nummer traveled to Uganda. This was her church’s annual medical mission trip. While there, Nummer worked to provide medical assisstence to Ugandan children.

   “Uganda was a place I wanted to go for a really long time, and it was well known throughout my church community,” said Nummer. “So when the medical team was faced with an opportunity to bring someone extra, who wasn’t medical, they were kind enough to think of me and invite me to come along with them.”

Abby Numer entertaining and having fun with all of the Ugandan children while in line for medical equipment.

   Nummer could not pass up this opportunity. Their clinic provided for over 3,300 patients in five days. She was accompanied by her pastor and his wife, Pastor Slator and Inell Slator, of Highland Park Baptist Church, located in Southfield.

   “Abby and a couple Ugandan teen girls provided a safe fun program everyday for [the Ugandan children],” Slator said. “She worked all day everyday and did an excellent job loving kids and interacting with children and adults.”

   Nummer learned many things from the Ugandan people.

   “One of the characteristics of the Ugandan people in general is that they’re just so welcoming, and when someone new comes they just really embrace them and try to get to know them and they really care,” Nummer said.

   “She didn’t complain and learned what it meant to continue serving people when the fun part was over,” Slator said. “Everyone was tired every day, but Abby was fun and positive keeping the team morale up. She stretched to try many new foods and experiences.”

   Nummer missed the first two weeks of the 2013-2014 school year. She has missed a lot of work and will have to catch up.

    “It’s been hard to miss that much school, but Seahlom teachers are all super helpful and no one has been mean,” Nummer said. “They’ve been really helpful in getting me caught up.”

   Nummer’s parents were very supportive of Nummer’s trip. They thought it was a very educational experience and a good preview for what Abby might want to do in the future.

   “As her parents, we naturally had concerns about her traveling to a part of the world that at times has been unpredictable and dangerous,” Patti Nummer said. “We received maybe two to three text messages while she was away. We, however, knew she was with great people and people who had been there many times so that eased our minds.”

   Abby has plans to continue missionary work in the future. She is graduating a year early and was considering going back to Uganda, but now she hesitant to go back to Uganda for that entire year, considering how different it is and how far away from home it is.

   “I think she realized that instead of going there for a whole year next year, that she would attend a college that allows students to study abroad in Uganda,” said Sydney McKay, one of Nummer’s close friends. “Maybe after she is done with that she will figure out what she wants to do next.”

   Abby is happy to be back in Birmingham with family and friends, and she thankful to have had the opportunity to go on this trip.

   “Our hope for Abby was for her to have the most amazing experience with the people of Uganda,” Mike Nummer said. We also wanted her to come home with a better idea if this was in fact a country where she might spend more time in after college as a missionary.”

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