A Hitch in it: You’re More Than a Score

   You’re more than your ACT score.

   You may have heard it many times before, but with the last round of ACT scores coming in this past Monday and college App season heating up, it’s easy to forget that your ACT does not define who you are.

   Ever since I was a junior and my peers started taking the ACT, it’s been rare to make it through a school day without mention of the dreaded test.

   “How many times have you taken it?”

   “What score does Michigan need?”

   “I not getting into college, my ACT score is terrible.”

   While these statements may seem exaggerated, I’ve heard them all before just walking the halls of Seaholm.

   So what’s the problem?

   Students are too focused on their scores.

   I hate seeing kid’s holding their breath as they click on the link to their most recent score, only to look like their going to break into tears after seeing it wasn’t quite as high as they wanted.

   Letting your happiness ride on your ACT score is not a good idea. The simple fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people are not going to get a 36!

   While this may seem easier said than done, it is possible.

   If you’re afraid your ACT score is going to prevent you from getting into your dream school, improve another part of your application to compensate.

   Instead of spending your days stressing and feeling helpless, put that energy into something you feel passionate about.

   Maybe you love to run, or act, or write. Take some time off college apps, and do what you love.

   A truly inspired person writes much better essays than someone completely consumed with the feeling of inadequacy because of their ACT score.

   Ultimately, just remember that regardless of the final score that goes on your college apps, you have all the potential in the world for a bright future ahead of you. According to the Washington Post study “Bad Scores, Good Company” there is often no correlation between test scores and how successful a person becomes.

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