Reed My Lips: You Wish You Were a Maple

This year’s cross-town rivalry football game was one that will go down in history. Although both teams were undefeated before the game started, one team would have to lose that status. That team was Groves.

The game that took place at Maple Field on Friday, October 18 at seven in the evening was the first time in history both the Maples and the Falcons met with an undefeated record. The Maples valiantly came out on top with a final score of 28-20.

This game was heavily anticipated by not only the students, staff, and community of Birmingham, but was also covered as the Game of the Week by Channel Seven Action News WXYZ.

Every year, this game is seen as a brutal rivalry that will leave its mark on the students for a year until they meet again. The senior class that gets to see the team win one last time will be lucky enough to have that game reside in their memory as the last game against the team from down Cranbrook.

The image of maroon and white against white and green on the turf is a sight for sore eyes, but the fan sections of each team also provided to the rivalry aspect. On the good guys’ side, a sea of white outfits and white towels is seen and the smell of baby powder is left within the nose. On the other side, only back outfits and bright green towels are seen.

Although the game started in favor of the Falcons, Seaholm soon turned around the score and had a commanding presence for the rest of the game. Groves scored one fast touchdown off of a long run, but missed the extra point field goal which left them with a 6-0 lead. Soon after, Groves’s running back Ross Williams took back a punt to put the Falcons up by 12-0 and after going for and missing a two point conversion, the Maples soon made their comeback. After taking control, Groves did not score another touchdown until the last couple minutes of the game.

This game would be the deciding factor of the champion of the OAA Blue division. With the win against Groves, the football team is now the repeating champs of this division.

“It feels great, especially because we were able to clinch it against Groves in that kind of atmosphere.” Senior safety Andrew Barton said, “Winning league titles used to be the expectation at Seaholm and I think we’ve brought it back.”

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