Senior Lacrosse Player Makes D1 Commitment

Self deemed a southern girl at heart, senior lacrosse player, Allie Wright chose warm weather and lacrosse when she committed to Kennesaw State University two weeks ago.A division one school with a relatively new lacrosse program, Kennesaw State is located just twenty miles north of Atlanta.

“I think it’s a great fit for Allie,” Coach Jen Dunbar said.

Playing lacrosse in college has been a dream of Wright’s since she started playing in eighth grade after a knee injury in soccer.

“I knew I always wanted to play in college, but there were always the different levels when I would go to recruiting tournaments and stuff,” Wright said. “I just thought that if you were going to put that much time into a sport in college it might as well be division one.”

Ranked All-State with Birmingham United last year, Wright will be a key component to Kennesaw State’s team, teammate Jill Fisher said.

“She will be successful at Kennesaw State because she loves the sport so much and is such a hard worker,” Fisher said.

The decision to go to Kennesaw State was not an easy one for Wright. She also looked seriously at Niagara University in New York.

“I was looking at a lot of schools, but I had narrowed it down to those two because Niagara is in New York and I’m originally from Buffalo, New York. So, I knew the area super well. Then, Kennesaw State because I loved the new program and how it was kind of like a Michigan State, but in Georgia,” Wright said. “I ended up at Kennesaw because the aspect of it. Without lacrosse, I would have rather gone there so you have to look at that too.”

The road to commitment has been paved with triumph for Wright from the beginning of her Seaholm career.

Freshman year, Wright played games with the JV team but was awarded the opportunity to practice with the Varsity team.

Her sophomore year, Birmingham United won states, with Wright as a member of the Varsity team. One of the few younger members, it thrust Wright into a role of responsibility, according to Wright.

“I feel like that was not only a huge achievement that everyone looks forward to but it’s kind of just like a goal to keep you moving for every season,” Wright said. “To like push you to work even harder to get that goal again.”

During her junior year, Wright experienced her first major challenges as she suffered from a breathing problem. Unable to identify the problem, Wright tried different prescribed inhalers and even took a lung function test at the hospital.

“It’s just something I have to push through because they can’t figure out what it is,” Wright said. “Playing through that was a huge obstacle because I often could not breathe.”

Each year Wright has been a key component to Seaholm’s team in the midfield, and occasionally center position.

“She’s extremely committed to the lacrosse team,” teammate Hannah Schuele said. “I’ve rarely seen another player get as excited, intense, and overall passionate about the game as Allie. “

Not only does Wright play in the spring for Birmingham United, but she also plays year-round for her travel team, Detroit Lacrosse. According to Wright, Detroit Lacrosse is made up of top players from every school in the area who travel together and play teams from other states, as far as Colorado and Florida.

“It is super competitive, but that’s awesome because that way you’re playing the best players and getting better,” Wright said.

In addition to travel, Wright also has workouts every Thursday with the Seaholm team and plays for All American Lacrosse in the winter.

The time commitment is all consuming for Wright especially during travel season, which is the winter and fall.

“It’s the only thing I do besides school and when I can free time,” Wright said. “Since it’s the only sport I play it definitely takes up a lot of my time.”

Four years of intense lacrosse have lead Wright to a commitment she will meet with great intensity, according to Dunbar.

“She’s worked hard to make this happen and will find herself in a program she can contribute to right away,” Dunbar said.

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