Girls’ Golf Victory at State

Add another team to the Seaholm state champions list. The girls’ golf team won Division II states on Saturday, October 19 against Okemos.

The season as a whole for the golf team was one for the books.  The Maples went undefeated in the regular season and made the comeback of the century to win the state championship.

Not only did the team go undefeated in their regular division of Division II, but they also played up in a Division I tournament and came back as champions of that as well.

Junior golfer Jamie Greene said that the key point of the season was being undefeated prior to the state tournament.

“We were undefeated going into states,” Greene said. “That gave us a lot of confidence going up against our competition.”

Although the team carried the momentum of a perfect season into the state tournament, their first day of two at the tournament did not go in their favor. After the first day, the Maples were 17 shots behind the leading team. This was a tough obstacle to overcome.

The large difference in scores did not falter this team, though. They came back and beat Okemos by one shot to win the state championship.

Greene characterized the feeling of being a state champion as surreal because the whole team knew that it was a once in a lifetime experience.

This season undoubtedly had more high than low points, but Greene claimed the high point was winning the tournament in Division I.

“The low point was definitely after the first day of states,” Greene said, “when we were 17 shots behind.”

The low point may have been after the first day, but that was soon wiped from their minds after they came from behind to win the State Title.

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