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Minoletti Coaches Twirlers

On Thanksgiving day, the Twirl-M’s, coached by director Rhonda Muscaro and assistant directors Holly Minoletti, a Seaholm science teacher, and Rachel Ganty, will be performing during the Detroit Lion’s halftime show. The Twirl-M’s were asked to join the Walled Lake Central marching band to accompany the special musical guest Tony Lucca. Tony Lucca is a Michigan native and a 2012

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Seaholm Students Develop New Apps

Seaholm students introduce new app advancements. For sophomore Sebastian Fay, app development is a new passion. After attending a two-week app development camp this summer at the University of Michigan, Fay shortly released his first app, called Color Dodge on October 13. Fay describes app development as an enjoyable hobby that holds potential for a future job and opportunity. His

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Bridging the Gaps

By Kendall Hitch and Esther Seawell All students are presented the same information, offered the same classes, and take the same test. But, there are still specific groups of students who tend to do better in school than others, creating what are now termed achievement gaps. “I think these achievement gaps are the most significant social justice issue in our

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Selfie Syndrome

  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in today’s social media obsessed world, is a picture just worth a thousand “likes”?   Instagram users such as Seaholm junior Suzanna Grindem, often post pictures of pets, food, or themselves- known as the “selfie”.  You’ve seen them taken, and you’ve taken them, but the selfie is more than just

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