Winter Freezes Spring Tryouts

The 2013-2014 “Snowpocalypse” has taken its toll on this year’s spring sports’ tryouts.

Seaholm's tennis courts remained covered in snow through this year's spring sports tryouts.  Claire Markley / Photo

Seaholm’s tennis courts remained covered in snow through this year’s spring sports tryouts. Claire Markley / Photo

Even though second trimester finals were delayed a week, most tryouts were still held the week of March 10.

However, not all of the teams were able to hold typical tryouts.

Since the track is covered in snow, the track team had to practice on the roads, in the parking lots, or in the school building.

“I really don’t know what’s in store right now. We’re kind of worried about meets,” junior Audrey Belf said. “Right now we’re just doing the best we can with what we’re given.”

The team is focused on getting into shape and getting ready for when they can do harder workouts and intervals on the track.

“Running on [the roads, in the parking lot, or in the school] could lead to injury, so workouts are modified accordingly,” math teacher Leslie Martin said. “Although the weather has been a bit of a hindrance we can’t dwell on it.  We have to go to plan B and make the most of the situation.”

Other teams such as lacrosse and soccer were not able to hold tryouts outside either, due to Maple Field being covered in snow. Shoveling the turf would ruin the field.

“All of our tryouts have had to be in the gym because the field cannot be plowed,” junior Emmett Green said. “It doesn’t allow for very much playing time.”

The gym is much smaller than the field outside, making it difficult for teams to get a sufficient amount of practice in.

“We haven’t been able to work on our stick skills and shoot in the net. It has just been working on conditioning and making sure we’re ready for the season,” freshman Chase Lee said.

“Although it is a much different way of practicing, we have been able to make it work by using the hallways for warmups and condensed conditioning and the gym for about an hour for running around and drills,” sophomore Rachel Rogers said. “We are hoping and crossing our fingers that it warms up outside soon so we can get to work on the field.”

The soccer team’s tryouts were pushed back a week due to all of the weather conditions.

“It’s been one of the coldest winters ever and there’s been a lot of snow so the turf is covered,” junior Catherine Perry said. “For now we are training in the weight room with Mr. Carlton or doing workouts in the gym.”

Since the softball and baseball teams cannot play on their fields, they have also had to move their tryouts to the gym and modify how their practices are run.

“Because many other teams have to come in the gym, the gym time is spread extremely thin,” senior Riley Miller said. “By the time we set up equipment and warm up, we’re left with only about 45 minutes of practice time, which has led us to have to change how practices are run.”

The tennis team’s courts are also covered in snow and ice, so they also had to move their tryouts to indoor courts.

The fields, courts, and track cannot really be shoveled, so all of the tryouts were modified to keep the spring sports’ timelines on track. Hopefully, all of the teams will get outside soon and the weather will be more suitable for Seaholm’s Mighty Maples.

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